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Valli Row 36 Pinot Noir 2019

About This Wine- the 2019 vintage no longer has a wax seal and is now screw cap.


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About This Wine- the 2019 vintage no longer has a wax seal and is now screw cap.

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It's up for debate between Patagonia and Central Otago as the most southern wine region in the world. Either way, that gives you an idea of just how far south it is. This means short winter days and long summer days, all with dramatic shifts in temperatures often within mere hours. 

Central Otago was pioneered by a handful of producers, in various corners of the region; Rippon in Wanaka, Black Ridge in Earnscleugh/Alexandra,  and Gibbston Valley wines and Chard Farm in Gibbston Valley. The early 80s marked the beginning of commercial winemaking in the region with this dedicated quartet. Taking their advice from local farmers and stone fruit growers. In a blink of an eye in wine terms, Pinot Noir from Central Otago quickly emerged on the world stage with an impressive debut. The region shot to fame in Pinot circles for the quintessential NZ 'pungency', expressive and sometimes enormous flavours. The 2000's marked the coming of age for the region as winemakers and viticulturists began to refine their last 20-30 years experience with this semi desert region. 

The Sub-regions of Central Otago are listed from south to north are; Earnscleugh/Alexandra, Gibbston Valley, Bannockburn, Lowburn, Bendigo, Wanaka and Waitaki (although in North Otago, the region is so small it's best to consider it alongside Central Otago)

Today, Pinot Noir is barely over 5% of New Zealand's wine growing acreage, and most of it is (upwards of 80%) is still planted to Pinot Noir. Riesling is the dark horse here as well as some extra lithe yet lush Chardonnay. Pinot Noir here under the best producers have reached a stage of elegant power, singing natural acidity and perfume yet with that oh so satiating 'Otago' suppleness. 

Our favourite producers from the area are;  Akitu, Alpine Wine Co., Felton Road, Burn Cottage, Mount Edward, Prophets Rock, Rippon and Valli.

Valli is perhaps Central Otago’s best kept secret. Locals covet these wines, seen as a handful of producers in the top tier of the region. Valli has four sub regional Pinot Noirs, all of them are premium and eloquently display the different terroir throughout the region.

Since its inception in 1998 by local wine celebrity Grant Taylor, Valli has had the sole focus of expressing single vineyard wines, from the various sub regions of Otago; Gibbston Valley, Bannockburn, Bendigo, Waitaki (north Otago) + Lowburn in collaboration with Burn Cottage.

The winemaking is kept simple and adjusted only slightly for each different vineyard. Whole bunches are usually 30%, new oak is also usually 30% and 11-12months maturation before release. No enzymes, fining or filtering are used in the winemaking process.

There is no entry level to Valli, each wine is a stunning expression of each vineyard. The wines are now made by Jen Parr, an Oregon born winemaker that Taylor persuaded to stay in NZ to lend her formidable talents to Valli. She picked up the well deserved 'NZ Winemaker of The Year' in 2019. 

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