From our buyer Courtney;
I am EXCITED to get back into restaurants, to see friends and more importantly not pretend my own cooking is as good as chefs. 
I've been hoarding bottles over the lockdown simply because there were far less occasions to warrant opening them all. If you are also a person in the wine industry or have their own collection, then you either have mates that you often get together to share these bottles or, you're the person who arranges the wine for a meal. 
This list has been formed over the years, ranging from some favourite restaurants that happen to allow BYO and also some fun relaxed 'classic' BYO joints.
We've partnered up with the incredibly talented Stella Blake-Kelly of Cartisan Maps (they made that rad 5km friend bubble site called Friendship Island) to illustrate our first map on Wine Envy.
Enjoy getting back out there and tip your hospitality staff.
Our 10 Best BYO Restaurants: Sydney
Sean's Panorama, Bondi
Osteria Riva, Bondi Junction
Fix St James, City
Emma's Snack Bar, Stanmore
One Penny Red, Summer Hill
Bar Reggio, Darlinghurst
2 Chaps, Marrickville
Kepos St Kitchen, Redfern
Little Turtle, Enmore
Spicy Joint, Haymarket

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