Sydney has been released from lockdown! With that, the list of amazing restaurants to visit in Sydney starts to build. We asked our buyer Courtney her top picks for BYO restaurants in Sydney. 

I am EXCITED to get back into restaurants, to see friends and more importantly stop pretending that my own cooking is as good as chefs. 

I've been hoarding bottles over the lockdown simply because there were far less occasions to warrant opening them all. Getting some mates together and either providing the wine for the occasion or each bringing different wines is a seriously good time so naturally, I love BYO venues.

This list has formed over the years, ranging from some favourite restaurants that happen to allow BYO and also some fun relaxed 'classic' BYO joints.

We've partnered up with the incredibly talented Stella Blake-Kelly of Cartisan (they made that rad 5km friend bubble site called Friendship Island) to illustrate our first map on Wine Envy.

Enjoy getting back out there and tip your hospitality staff!

Explore our Sydney Top 10 BYO map below

Sydney's Top 10 BYO Restaurants;

Sean's Panorama, Bondi

Amazing quaint venue with farm to table fare. The service is lovely but the glassware is not. So for anything top notch, perhaps bring your own. 

Osteria Riva, Bondi Junction

Excellent Italian fare with an at home attitude. Glassware is great so have no fear. 

Fix St James, City

One of the best wine bars in the city also does BYO! No brainer, prepare to have a very vinously thrilling experience whatever you bring. Excellent glassware. 

Emma's Snack Bar, Stanmore

Perfect midweek or with a group option, their cheese balls are awesome but their glassware is not, so anything that demands more than a tumbler perhaps bring your own glass too. 

One Penny Red, Summer Hill

The service here matches their excellent glassware. Their menu always demands gorgeous white Rhone and Alsace.

Bar Reggio, Darlinghurst

Festive, casual and carb heaven. Glassware isn't the best here so perhaps bring your fruit forward Italian styles.

Two Chaps, Marrickville

Vegetarian based and glassware is ok, stick to low tannin wines for ultimate veggie pairing joy. 

Kepos St Kitchen, Redfern

Epic menu with great matching potential. Anything 'mineral' (whatever that means to you) would go down a treat. Glassware is decent as well. 

Little Turtle, Enmore

Bring your large format fun wines that are slurpable and great with vegetarian dishes. Fancy goon wouldn't be amiss and definitely bring your own glassware if you care about that in the slightest. 

Spicy Joint, Haymarket

Probably the most ideal hair of the dog venue on this list with their shredded potato and oodles of noodles. Fruit forward bubbles, off-dry whites and soft light reds would be aces. Decent-ish glassware. 

 There are many more in Sydney, we'll just have to do more 'research' and create another list! 

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